How to Get Real visitors to your Articles

You get genuine visitors to the blog posts you write when people share your posts with others you’re your posts are interesting, visitors may also like to come back to your blog posts often. Thus your readers will love what you write. Write your posts in an exciting manner and keep your topic appropriate. You […]

SEO is an important Tool

There are no strict rules when it comes to ranking in the result pages of search engines. More or less almost all businesses desire that their websites should be on top of the results pages of the search engines and for this purpose they carry out all sorts of wrong things. loading… On the other […]

Things you need to know about Android 7

1.A appropriate clear-all The new Android nougat is slightly covered up, however Google now incorporates an unmistakable all catch to close all open applications with a tap. Look to the highest point of the see cards, where you’ll find the new catch. loading… 2.Data Saver will save your data In Android nougat, Data Saver is […]

Apple Iphone8 vs Samsung galaxy S8

The new Samsung galaxy S8 has propelled, and its objective of decision is the up ’til now unlaunched Apple iPhone 8 Commemoration Release. These smartphones are basic for both organizations. Apple survives to a great extent off the iPhone today, and Samsung is attempting to recuperate both from its consuming telephone issue and from its […]

GLOBAL WARMING: a need for enlightment

Global warming has become a major threat in the world that many presidents in the world have created a team to research about its cause and to make amendment. So many people don’t know the meaning of this threat, its causes and its effect on our dear planet earth. According to the Oxford dictionary it […]

Computer Literacy: You are not too old to code

When people hear the word coding, they think it is an ambiguous statement that requires a genius to understand. Coding as interpreted by individuals is not hard but in the real sense; it is a hard task to do. The art of coding can become comfortable if a person follows guidelines laid by experts who […]

9 hidden android phones features you never knew.

With increase in the usage of Android, it has almost reached the top of smartphone market segment and daily its user base is growing stronger. These smartphones have really become part of our daily life and we often make use of them most of the times yet we still miss out on exploring its full […]

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