The Degradence of Women in our societies today.

In our societies today, the position of a woman is being relegated to the bottom. Women today are seen as objects to be used by the men. Women are used as sex workers and involved in sex trafficking. Some women are even forced into prostitution. Men nowadays treat women how they want and even abuse […]

The New Era Episode 3

EPISODE 3 Previously……………….. Stephen went for Post-UME at UNIDAB Sandra had left for her mother’s house due her fiance’s infidelity. loading… Stephen arrived at the examination hall and was taken aback by the number of people in there. The hall he was assigned to housed 2,000 aspirants. He searched for the seat with his number […]


Something’s Wrong Jolene Philo Psalm 34:11–18 The Lord is close to the brokenhearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit. Psalm 34:18 The morning after our son, Allen, was born, the doctor sat down in a chair near the foot of my bed and said, “Something’s wrong.” Our son, so perfect on the outside, […]

The New Era Episode 2

EPISODE 2.. PREVIOUSLY……………. Sandra had went to the beach to grieve over her cheating fiance and ends up receiving a bouqet of flowers.”Wipe your tears…..Someone still cares alot about you, Sandy” Sandra wondered who the person could be.”I don’t need anyone else in my life now” She said to herself.”Admirer or no Admirer, its all […]

The GREEN CITY under a Rock

I recently had reasons to move across Abeokuta running few personal errands and as fate would have it, a close friend of mine was in need of the dailies, that day’s edition, so i decided to help her get a copy along the way. “It’s just a newspaper, i should be able to get it […]

The GOD of Agriculture

It took me about three days to finally make the decision to write this article, i knew what i wanted to write on but i just didnt know how best to write this without being subjective. i eventually decided to go with the flow just as it came to me, who knows if it might […]

Process of Wealth

Dividing people into Two groups, “Rich and Poor” is the wrong way to distinguish between Society. it should be those with Right and Those without rights. the rich as gotten the way because they have right. right must be human rights and not privileges. it can not be the case that all citizen can have […]


Life is like a shadow, it’s mostly attributed to a candle wax that melts away. Now listen, have you been disregarded before, hey! it pains a lot but the solution lies in this two words “WIN FIRST”. loading… People does not acknowledge you if you don’t give them a reason to acknowledge you, just WIN […]

Dirty Cops.

​’Aaaaaarrrrggghhhhhh!!!! No bullets in my gun to shoot, I even forgot my bullet proof vest, what will the police chief think?’ These thoughts seemed to drown the gun commotion going on while the robbers generously unleashed their arsenal at each police car. I hoped to the stars that the robbers would change their mind and […]