God’s thought for you is of good and not of evil to give you an expected end…. Don’t end it by yourself because it will be an insult to God that has a good purpose for your life and if you kill yourself, you will also end up in killing those who love you, come […]

Why do people commit suicide?

Why do people commit suicide? This is a question that is frequently asked among people both young and old. In the first place, what does it mean when we hear that a person committed suicide? It refers to a particular instance of a person intentionally killing himself or herself. Suicide is not limited to age […]

Leadership and Management

1. Making promises when you are not sure you can keep them can lead to a loss of respect. Take making promises seriously. View a promise, as a commitment made with an understanding that circumstances might arise that would make it impossible to keep them. Make those circumstances very clear to the person at the […]

The New Era Episode 5

Previously……. Dr Michael and Ngozi had been delayed on their way to the hospital by some policemen. By the time Dr Michael brought Ngozi in, she was feeling faint, as though all her energy has been drained. She could hardly move a muscle. She was immediately wheeled to the delivery room by the nurses on […]

The New Era Episode 4

The New Era EPISODE 4 Halimat was listening to music on her ipod when her cell phone buzzed. She looked at it, it was a call from a number that wasn’t in her contact. “Hello,good afternoon.” She said when she picked up. “Hello, please am I speaking to Halimat?” asked the voice over the line. […]

…raise someone

Often when things are OK and seem normal, we feel we’re better off those who still struggle or are making effort for good living. I have come to understand one thing; our two hands are important though the right seem stronger and powerful than the left for most people or vice versa, the right hand […]

Write better with Grammarly

  Hello writers,  there is a software that will help you write better on Beguwa. It increases your chance of getting approved and earning N200 per each published article of not less than 200 words. loading… It increases your chance of getting approved and earning N200 per each published article of not less than 200 […]

Religious Wars in our World today.

In our world today,there are lots of killings instituted by the religious wars going on in every part of the world. Muslims against Christians everywhere. The main cause is the belief that they serve different Gods. The question is do you know who you serve? Many people believe when you go to the mosque and […]

The fluid of Emeng

18 years I was as I stood by the river bank my thought nailed me to a place as I recall the story surrounding my birth. My clay pot still under my armpit supported with my two hands and my eyes fixed sternly on the Iroko tree. The fluid of Emeng will salvage this lost […]