6 Simple Tips to Enjoy your Job

Job dissatisfaction is often determined by the relationships with bosses and peers, a surrounding of little development, dissatisfaction with not having a good remuneration , and even to bring problems from home to work and vice versa. loading… Companies must be able to create good policies and best practices that promote the formation of a working team. At the same […]

Things you need to know about Android 7

1.A appropriate clear-all The new Android nougat is slightly covered up, however Google now incorporates an unmistakable all catch to close all open applications with a tap. Look to the highest point of the see cards, where you’ll find the new catch. loading… 2.Data Saver will save your data In Android nougat, Data Saver is […]

Instagram Direct now combines permanent texts and reshares with disappearing photos and videos

NEW DELHI: Photograph sharing application Instagram has begun revealing another refresh for its Instagram Coordinate element. The refresh is gone for making it simpler for clients to add a visual touch to their discussions with photographs and recordings. The organization’s legitimate blog entry in regards to the refresh peruses, “Writings and reshares will now show […]

On My Own At Will

On my own at will A will of deserted ambitions. Am I to blame my endless Thoughts or should I applaud my determination? On my own with lost dreams. Dreams I had while awake, dreams I discarded while asleep On my own starving from food for thoughts. A food I do not know it’s recipe. […]

How to Start Home Delivery Business in Nigeria

If you have the mind set of an entrepreneur whose objective is identifying an opportunity and building a business around it in order to make profit and meet social needs, then you a home delivery service is an option for you to explore. Home delivery business is a small business almost everyone can start depending […]

How to get a social media job in Nigeria

The advent of social media in our generation has seen it grow to become a core component of our daily lives. The world at large practically live, interact and conduct daily activities on various social communication platforms. It is so amazing how social media has changed our lives. We can now access information at our […]

A Storm Within Me.

A STORM WITHIN ME. There are so many times that I feel pain And I’m like “oh my God, not again” Cus I know this has always been my story, But maybe it’s time to make it history. I leave everything behind and cry I think of ways to die. In the midst of my […]

Master Guide on Designing App Development for kid

Most people could however remember Mark Zukerberg, when he said, he couldn’t have developed Facebook, if he had not played computer games as a kid, therefore this co-incidence is never a surprise, although it did spark up the creativity in Mark, in revolutionizing his environment .I was making some research about the most appropriate application […]