The Four(4) Best Ways To Prepare For An Interview.

Failure to prepare for an interview is one major setback that affects job seekers. Most of us think that we already have the situation under control, and then we blow up our chances. I remember getting invited to a multi-national firm for a Store Lead role position. I already concluded that I knew the possible […]

Office Romance

OFFICE ROMANCE – Season 1 Episode 1 Read The Story ( JULY 21, 2014, LOCATION: XYZ NIG LTD HEADQUARTERS ) I couldn’t hide my joy when I got to XYZ limited to resume office as one of the new employee of the company, I had woke up early that day because I didn’t want to […]


How true was it? When you made me believe that in your world i could live in it. How false was it? That you saved me from falling off the cliff while your intention was to exploit my weakness, another steal i guess was it. How good was it? That we made the best sex, […]