The Four(4) Best Ways To Prepare For An Interview.

Failure to prepare for an interview is one major setback that affects job seekers. Most of us think that we already have the situation under control, and then we blow up our chances. I remember getting invited to a multi-national firm for a Store Lead role position. I already concluded that I knew the possible […]

Do you want to Make Money Online?

To make money online, your niche is important. Do you intend to stick with the written word? Do you personally market it as a content provider? Do you have an interest for graphic design? If so, there are plenty of people who would be happy to hire you. Introspection is a good thing to do during this time.  Writers can […]

10 Business Ideas You Can Start With #100,000

Last week, I had a conversation with a friend on the possibility of starting a business. His response shocked me; I have got many ideas for a business but the bane has been start-up capital.  I thought for a while and said many Nigerians have good business ideas but have been restricted by capital. Here […]

3 easy steps to a start home based business

Any business professional or a person can use their talents and skills to start home based business. Getting started in a small business at home is the best way to be totally independent. It offers the opportunity to work in a family environment. Many people just do not have the money to pay the office rent, […]


These great people have toiled and struggled amidst economic hardship but they are the top 10 richest people in the African Continent. 10) Issad Rebrab & family – Net Worth: $3.1 Billion (Algerian) Issad Rebrab is the founder of Cevital, Algeria’s largest privately held conglomerate, which owns one of the largest sugar refineries in the […]

The power of decision and action in the success equation

Two marketers went to the community to market foot wears, after trekking for a very long distance to the community at their arrival they were very disappointed to discover that no one put on shoes in the community. Discouraged by this they thought of returning to the city but one of them suggested they convince […]

What’s your personality type?

Should you give a damn? Hell, ya… You should! Knowing your personality type helps you understand yourself better and streamline what is important to you. It also helps you know other personality types and understand people and their behavior… If you’re thinking of becoming an administrator someday, or are one today, you might want to […]

Are you interested in Forex Trading?

You have probably heard about Forex trading before, but how much do you really know about this market? Many newcomers start investing in Forex without really knowing what they are doing and losing money in the end. Do not make this mistake; learn about Forex trading before investing in this market. Traders usually have a […]

Make Money By Investing.Hurry Now!

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