Blessed Imagination

She is an angel so beautiful, at night the moon compete with her. During the day she shines so bright, that you’ll need sunshades to see her. Her smile is contagious, it makes your smile wants to smile. In our lives journey we will come across a lot of people, some will make us sad, […]

DIARY OF A PLAYBOY: Welcome to my world

  Hi gals and guys, loading… Let me start this column by making a confession. I’m not a bright student yet I ain’t too dull. With a C here and D there, I try to get bye. I love the good things of life especially these daughters of Eve on Campus. No wonder my homies […]

Sarah’s delima written by michael ghost

  loading… Tayo and Michael are brothers, Michael is the elder one and the favorite to his father. As time moved on Michael and Tayo moved from village to Lagos city to hassle for money. Michael started making it while hassle did not go too well for Tayo. As time went by, Tayo decided to […]

Few Days Before The University.

A month to my travel to the university, my mother and I started buying everything I needed. We bought things like a bucket, shoes, shirts, trousers, a set of sport wears, laundry soap, and stationary. While in the market, I noticed that the prices of everything had increased by 100%, and I was very disheartened. […]

The Death Of A sickle Cell friend(True Story)

She died after drinking in poison. She was a hearty friend of mine and I couldn’t help the flood of tears that poured out of my eyes when I saw the bottle of poison in her hands with tears in her eyes; still crying while dead Onah’s mother refused Adiya’s marriage to onah all because […]

He said you’re pretty…

alled you pretty so what? You want me to pity you but I won’t loading… You are much more than you see He called you pretty, I call you queen Does it mean you have to grovel and eat the shit under his feet? So I call you rare gem, pride of a woman, beauty […]