bomb 2.0

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He glanced in my direction again and I did my best to pretend I wasn’t the subject of his perusal. I was reluctant to meet his curious gaze lest I give away my guilt- the enormity of what I had done threatening to steal the very air from my lungs.

I crossed my legs hurriedly and feigned innocence, silently willing myself to relax. I risked another glance in his direction and my heart froze- he was coming towards me.


I couldn’t let him near me, it would spoil everything. Hurriedly, I snatched my bags and jumping to my feet, I tried to detect if any trace of my foolishness remained. Finding none, i proceeded towards the exit, toting my bags behind me and praying that in my haste, I didn’t cause the bomb in my possession to go off in the midst of all these innocent people. I had made a mistake coming to a place as crowded as this. I knew that now.

“Hey” a voice rang out “excuse me madam”

I didn’t stop, I couldn’t; i had to get away. I increased my pace and people instinctively made way. It was almost like they knew what i carried wasn’t good. I was halfway across the terminal when he caught me. I felt his strong fingers grasp my arm and I started violently. The abrupt movement must have been too much for the bomb because with an uncanny certainty, I knew I was out of luck_ and so were all these people.

“Madam, you forgot your bag”

I turned slowly. It was the handsome guy that was checking me out just minutes ago. He held my bag in his outstretched hand. A small, uncertain smile curved his lips.

I was out of time.


I farted noisily.

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