Blessed Imagination

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She is an angel so beautiful, at night the moon compete with her. During the day she shines so bright, that you’ll need sunshades to see her. Her smile is contagious, it makes your smile wants to smile.

In our lives journey we will come across a lot of people, some will make us sad, some will makes us happy while others will be in-between I.e. like an onion, it will make you cry and improve your eye sight. We all want that one person who will believe and listen to us no matter what others said against us. And such people are worth celebrating. Well… Since I don’t have what it takes to celebrate such a person, I chose to let my pen bleed on my paper.


She is beautiful by far not a beauty from afar. When she walks the earth vibrate in acknowledgment, the winds move in her direction. The sound of her voice could pierce even the hardest rock. You could hear her talk and talk and talk, still you won’t get tired.

At point in life your will realize that you don’t need all the people of the world, what you do need is a few people who will make you feel like you’ve got the world. And she is one of such people. A lot of people have that ‘one in a million person’ but to me she is my ‘million out of one’.

When people ask me about her this is what I tell them: Her eyes are so Bright that they deserve to be the only crescent light seen all year round, if she came in a bottle I will Drink her till my eyes are blurry and my veins filled with her. That if she were a book I will memorize her from cover to cover because she makes sense…..

So before you asked who is this “she”? Here is your answer – She is the one time has joined me with, the one I share one breath with because we were created with the same soul. The one whose smell resonates with mine and in that entanglement I always find myself. She is the one who patience, loyalty and life Has bless me with


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