MODERN SLAVERY: a need for recognition

Slavery is an institution or social practice of owning human being as property, especially for use as forced laborer. The  definition of slavery is the way people are enslaved in the olden days but in the present day despite the UN that bans slavery, there is still a method by which people are forced to […]

GLOBAL WARMING: a need for enlightment

Global warming has become a major threat in the world that many presidents in the world have created a team to research about its cause and to make amendment. So many people don’t know the meaning of this threat, its causes and its effect on our dear planet earth. According to the Oxford dictionary it […]

Computer Literacy: You are not too old to code

When people hear the word coding, they think it is an ambiguous statement that requires a genius to understand. Coding as interpreted by individuals is not hard but in the real sense; it is a hard task to do. The art of coding can become comfortable if a person follows guidelines laid by experts who […]