Use the Right Key Always

  loading… Imagine you having a bunch of key with several keys on it without specific identification to each, and returning from work one night after a hectic and busy day, so hungry, tied, phone battery gone down and no single light source around the neighbourhood. How do you open your door?????? On several occasions […]


Humans at all stage of life are full of visions for achievement. loading… If you come across 20 people along the way, by interview 19 if not all will give you at least one vision they carry in heart. The question is, how many of these visions will come to limelight??? The events of life […]

The Unwelcome Visitor

! Knock! Knock!! Knock!!! Ah! Knock, who could that be?? Those where the call (verbal or express) of a visitor and your response. Probably, a spy through the window may be more than enough to identify who the visitor is, especially in today’s world of extreme security consciousness. loading… On identification of the unwelcome visitor […]

…raise someone

Often when things are OK and seem normal, we feel we’re better off those who still struggle or are making effort for good living. I have come to understand one thing; our two hands are important though the right seem stronger and powerful than the left for most people or vice versa, the right hand […]

God’s Inaction or Strength

Severally we encounter difficulties in life (whether minor or major), and being human our first thought becomes; personal effort to eliminate it. When no change is effected, we may probably think further( seeking advice or counsel, maybe think positively, do good, pray fervently etc), yet when it seems nothing is working out; maybe especially when […]

Stunning Accessibility

Accessibility is a noun derived from its adjectival form accessible, meaning the easy to approach, reach, enter or speak with. Something’s accessible if its obtainable or attainable that is, access can be gained. By the definition, it connotes that, not everything is accessible. A simple illustration is the border crossing between countries. Your passport gives […]