How to Start Home Delivery Business in Nigeria

If you have the mind set of an entrepreneur whose objective is identifying an opportunity and building a business around it in order to make profit and meet social needs, then you a home delivery service is an option for you to explore. Home delivery business is a small business almost everyone can start depending […]

10 Business Ideas You Can Start With #100,000

Last week, I had a conversation with a friend on the possibility of starting a business. His response shocked me; I have got many ideas for a business but the bane has been start-up capital.  I thought for a while and said many Nigerians have good business ideas but have been restricted by capital. Here […]

How to get a social media job in Nigeria

The advent of social media in our generation has seen it grow to become a core component of our daily lives. The world at large practically live, interact and conduct daily activities on various social communication platforms. It is so amazing how social media has changed our lives. We can now access information at our […]