Living organisms, especially humans, have a peculiar characteristic, making friends. We need to know the processes undergone by the people we met yesterday before the become our friends today. Join me as we travel through one of the most alien route; THE STAGES OF FRIENDSHIP.

The oxford advance learner’s dictionary defines a stranger as “a person that you do not know”. If I assume to have known you and your lifestyle at first sight, then, I would be deceiving myself. When I call you a stranger, that means, I don’t know you, had not seen you before now and probably had not heard about you. Assuming you see a person at your new office on the first day, would you run to him or her and hug them without an introduction? They might really feel you are insane; because you are a stranger to them.


At the new office, you needed to greet and introduce yourself and they accept you in. The more time you spend with people the more you get to know their and they will know your’s too. For some relationships, the stage of being acquaintance might last for years and may not improve, but to others it lasts for a week depending on the circumstances that got you acquainted. Beware! You barely know an acquaintance to uncover your secrets to them.

These are people who provide you with some kind of support, you work towards a goal with them. Such people are Mentors, Classmates, Team-mates, a girl friend or boy friend etc.

When you were a stranger to me I didnot know you. When you spent time with your colleagues at the office (acquaintances) you barely trusted them. Allies last while you need their support. A friend is “a person you know well and like, and who is not usually a member of your family”. You need to spend meaningful time with people, solve problems with them, learn each other, and overcome challenges together before you consider them as friends.

In a relationship, you must graduate from being friends to best-friends. A little can help you calculate your friendship level with people; How well you know a person
+How many experiences you’ve had together
+How well you treat them
+How much you care about them
– How many conditions you place on each there’s trust
* Mutual Sacrifice.
After the calculation, you can ask, “ARE WE FRIENDS YET?”