A Storm Within Me

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There are so many times that I feel pain
And I’m like “oh my God, not again”
Cus I know this has always been my story,
But maybe it’s time to make it history.
I leave everything behind and cry
I think of ways to die.
In the midst of my sorrow
I still think of tomorrow
What about the sun that I would miss
What about the rain I won’t be there to see?
What about the tales papa always tell?
How would mama feel if she heard stories about my end?
A voice is playing in my head
And I’m caught in between, I can’t decide.
My heart fights the war within
And I hope I can be redeemed.
I don’t know if everything keeping me is worth it
Maybe I should stop this conflict and end things
Mama would understand her child
Mama has seen her child cry day and night.
I know papa would tell his tale in my absence
But I believe my soul will be present.
A free spirited soul that has peace, or not.
Maybe someday I will think about how I should have stayed and fought.
In the midst of my confusion I think of a way,
A way to survive, a way to stay.
Am I not giving up too quickly?
Am forgetting what mama taught me?
I can win this war like mama taught me
Let my happiness be my guide.
Let my smile over come the storm.
A storm that has taken roofs off my home
A storm that has ripped off my clothes and left me cold.
A storm that has flooded my home and soul.
A storm that is on it’s way to end
A storm that I should not have feared.

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