10 things to do before marriage

I recently saw an article on the internet titled “10 things to do before turning 30.” This inspired me to do a related but modified article, well, considering the fact that marriage marks the beginning of a whole new life for most individuals, plus a lot of people get married before 30 these days, especially the ladies.

1) Learn something new: There are a whole lot of things that one can learn while being single. You could learn how to ride a car or a bike, how to use certain computer applications, how to swim, how to play a music instrument, etc. These are things which may come in handy when you least expect. Plus there won’t be much time to learn some of these things once one gets married.


2) Make friends: Some people are used to solitary lives. Marriage further complicates issues, because there won’t be so much time & opportunity to mingle once married. Friends make life fun, plus we get to learn a whole lot of things from friends. They could also be a source of help in times of need. However one should watch the kind of friends he/she makes, as some persons can influence one negatively in the name of friendship.

3) Have fun: ‘Before marriage’ is the best time to have as much fun as one can get. Life gets a bit too serious after marriage, with little or no time to hangout. So, go out regularly, to the beach, park, mall, cinema, football pitch; hang out with friends, travel around the world (or around the country if you can’t afford to go too far. Lol), do a couple of things you used to do while you were still a kid. Just have as much fun as you can get, with “caution” though; sometimes, fun go can extreme.

4) Look good & keep fit: This is the best time to look good & keep fit. After marriage, you may only be concerned about how your husband/wife think you look. Most people become two or three times their initial size once they get married (weird). So you may want to go to the gym regularly, or do some regular morning exercises in order to burn out some excess fat. That way, you won’t “expand” too much when you get married. Learn how to match colours, spend some money on clothing; upgrade your wardrobe if necessary. Just make sure you appear in your best where ever you go.

5) Earn a certificate: In a world that is gradually evolving & civilization is taking over, earning a certificate is very important. Some people may say, “Its more important to learn a skill; people don’t use their certificates anymore; white-collar jobs are scarce, bla bla bla…” but at least you should have one to show that you went to school. Plus, a certificate gives you an edge over other people in your field. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a BSc/BA; an OND, NCE, or even SSCE will do. However if you have the opportunity & resources to go further, then you should. Very few people have the opportunity of going to school once they get married.

6) Acquire a skill: Very well, a certificate is important, but then the truth is, a skill is equally important. There aren’t too many white-collar jobs available anymore. Acquiring a skill will ensure you a steady source of income, or an alternative source of income if you already have a white-collar job. For women who may not be able to work after marriage, you can contribute to your family’s income with a skill. These skills range from hair-dressing, to tailoring, to barbing, to bag/purse making, to shoe making, to facial make-over etc.

7) Make & save some money: These days, you find a lot of young people lazying around, especially the ladies, because their parents can provide their needs, or because they hope to get married to one Alhaji or one rich Igbo man who has containers on the high sea, & will take care of their needs. Trust me, you wouldn’t want to become a burden to your husband. Make some money (by legitimate means though) & save part of the money you make; you’ll need it in future. Saving money when married doesn’t come that easy; you’ll have a lot of needs to take care of.

8) Make an investment: Inasmuch as it is important to take care of your immediate needs, you shouldn’t forget that you have a future; a wife/husband & kids to take care of. You should invest some money in a business or something that’ll yield much profit for you later in the future. This way, you’re assured of a stored income somewhere.

9) Help someone: The best way to live your life is to live it in service. One of the ways of making an investment is offering your service to people. In this world of ‘give & take’, young people are too money conscious that they don’t want to do anything for free. Inasmuch as making money is important, helping those in need is the ultimate. Give as much as you can; your money, your time, your energy. Be willing to offer your services to those who need them.

10) Serve God: This may be the last point, but it definitely the most important. Most married people don’t have so much time to serve God anymore. There’s just so much stress attached to marriage that the time to offer your services to God in marriage becomes an issue. It is therefore apparent, that the time of singleness is the best time to seek God & to do his will. Let God remember you for something when you get old.

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